Thursday, August 12, 2010

Someone cares at Nijoloy

It's been a privilege to visit Nijoloy Center this week. It's a shelter for about 80 or so girls, ages 5 to 20-something. Krishna is the woman in charge with another 4-5 women assisting her. She's a sweetie! So gracious and loving -- and the shelter reflects her manner.

The children are very excited to see us. They quickly gather when we arrive, smiling and saying "Auntie, Auntie," as they try to get our attention and grab our hands. We begin the day by sitting with the house mothers, having an unhurried cup of tea and a cracker before going on to the day's project.

The little ones are darling. The older girls are beautiful. Some are quiet, others are mischievous. All are alone in the world or at least they were until they were brought to Nijoloy. Krishna, whose husband died in 1999, says that these girls are her family. It is a loving place and the girls are fortunate to be able to live there.

I'm so glad there are places like this for the unwanted, unfortunate waifs of Kolkata. They're not throw-away children like so much trash tossed out and forgotten about. They're sweet children in need of food, shelter, and love -- just like every other child in the world. Bright, inquisitive, creative and inventive, they are so happy with simple things like drawing with paper and markers or "doing the hoky poky."

I have been blessed by them.

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