Friday, August 13, 2010

Random Kolkata impressions

The environment:
Garbage everywhere
Slums, shacks, poverty
Man-powered rickshaws pulling up to the four level glitzy mall
Honking, honking and more honking
Exhaust in your face

The people:
Market vendors hound you to buy wares
Five people to do the job of one
Illogical inefficiency
Manual labor
No concept of personal space

Odds & ends:
A family of four riding a motorcycle
The car wash: A rag and a huge roadside puddle after a monsoon downpour
Requests to take pictures of us, the conspicuously white foreigners
Sweat dripping down inside my clothes
Spicy Indian version of KFC

The Emancipation Network and the shelters:
Safe places for children alone in the world
Sweet smiles, beautiful girls
Excitement over nail polish and making paper boxes
"Auntie, Auntie!"
TEN staff: Paul, Sally, Doel, and Soma - making a difference in the lives of so many
TEN founder Sarah: A whirlwind, a go-getter, cares so much

This experience:
Great group of volunteers
Heart wrenching
Wonder how God will use this in my life

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