Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Destiny Center

Beautiful jewelry, flowing silk scarves, embroidered pillow covers, handmade journals, small and large purses and totes -- these are just a few items made by the women working at Destiny Shelter. But the handicrafts aren't as beautiful as the women who create them. With sweet spirits and broad smiles, they work diligently to produce quality products. Their goal is to succeed as businesswomen -- meeting both their own financial needs as well as consumer desires.

Destiny Center is nuturing and caring. It is also a place of accomplishment. Designing and creating, working together as a team, and earning a fair wage are satisfying undertakings. Destiny Center gives hope, in fact I think it is the very definition of it.

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  1. I enjoy hearing about your adventure and knowing the needs for prayer. Stay safe and keep blogging! Hugs, Lori